Individual psychotherapy is creating a space where you can focus on your mind/body/spirit in a safe and private capacity. You will be invited to lean into a different way to navigate your inner world, thus increasing your vitality for life and living. I often provide a prescriptive combination of psychoeducation (learning the neurobiology of trauma and anxiety) traditional talk-therapy with a cognitive-behavioral approach, applying somatic therapy techniques, with EMDR, IFS, and art therapy strategies as needed.


Individual psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

KAP is a highly specialized type of psychotherapy combined with the assistance of ketamine. Therapy is provided before, during and after the ketamine experience, often for a recommended treatment protocol of 6 weeks. Ketamine is provided at a licensed ketamine clinic of your choosing. The therapy is provided via in-person or telehealth, and on location at the clinic during your infusion of ketamine. KAP is cutting-edge therapy for treatment resistant depression, ingrained anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic integration is support for post psychedelic ceremonial support, meaning it is specifically designed to support people that have already experienced a psychedelic experience. If you have attended an ayahuasca retreat, experimented with psychedelics and became frightened, or currently or have used a plant-based medicine as part of your practice and you are looking for a way to understand and integrate the experience, then this is an opportunity to integrate that experience. If you are struggling to understand the meaning of your experience, or you would like to deepen the meaning of the experience, this type of service might be a way to expand your practice.

*Please note: Blūm Integrative Psychotherapy, LLC is not involved in the offering or facilitation of psychedelic medicines or advice on dosing. 

healing retreats

If you’ve been searching for a way to heal in a deeply personal and individualized way, and you would like to do this in a beautiful and private setting in Wyoming, this healing retreat is your invitation. This is not a group retreat with others, this is highly individualized just for you. Your therapy and accommodations are all under one roof and included in the price. This is a beautiful blending of intensive individual therapy in the morning and alone time in the afternoon where you meditate on your process. Your meditation can be a gentle hike in nature, or you can sit quietly with a book by one of the many stunning Glacier-made lakes. (Or you could enjoy our community’s award-winning rec center or visit the local Mountain Man Museum, truly there are lots of options to choose how you spend your afternoon). The focus of therapy is on trauma recovery in an exquisitely safe and privately serene setting in Wyoming. This is an encouragement to focus on yourself and feel supported by Mother Earth. You will be invited to find your own rhythm with focused attention to healing the patterns of trauma held deep within, remembering the core of who you really are. Individualized intensive retreats are only offered a few times per year, and they do book fast.

Group retreats are currently being developed, so keep checking back for updates!

Dayle has been a huge part of my mental health journey. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. After having not great experiences with therapists during my early childhood, I have come to truly appreciate the work that Dayle and I have done. I feel safe and cared for by Dayle, and I completely trust that she has the best intentions for me. I had absolutely no knowledge of the type of therapy that she offers (EMDR, Ketamine, meditation, etc.) and I cannot imagine my mental health journey to look any other way. Because of this help, I hope that my testimony can shine a light on the importance of therapy- especially with the usage of Ketamine. The therapy we did prior to my Ketamine sessions helped me to stay calm, strong, and focused. With her help, I have grown into a confident and self-loving person, which is something that my inner child is so grateful for.
MK, Wyoming


what clients are saying

When I found dayle it was my last attempt at searching for a counselor. I had many bad experiences prior to this. Therapist's running over boundaries, me completely shutting down in sessions because I felt unheard… It was kinda like asking the universe for a sign, opening a book to where it lands and pointing with your eyes closed... and the message being everything you needed and more. Dayle is the most compassionate, educated, caring Therapist ever. You will not be disappointed. Her heart is 100% in what she does, she does it well, and if she doesn't have an answer she will find one suitable for you. For example- I had difficulty with "resourcing in" and EMDR. Dayle was able to find and learn about something called IFS (internal family systems), which I had never heard of. It was the most helpful thing I have ever learned in dealing with my complex PTSD and trauma. Dayle has empathy for her clients and is a very 'down to earth' personality. I would recommend her a thousand percent to anyone who needs a great counselor, and in my opinion, it’s impossible not to like her. I can't say enough good things. God gives people certain gifts to fit in this puzzle of life, all of us, perfectly together as one. And He gifted Dayle at therapy, a great big heart, a desire to find solutions, and honesty.
THS, Nebraska






Thank you for reaching out and taking this next, brave step toward your health and well-being.  I look forward to meeting you.

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